Words from Water

Mapping the shoreline between thought and movement

Words from Water harvests the impulses in the field of activity between the moving body and the fluid mind. Participants write and reflect on chosen and given themes. Mixing improvisational dance frames from contact and butoh with specific writing exercises we dilate and articulate the poles of our collective mind body.

Each class follows an initial thread of intention that weaves the focus back and forth from writing structures to creative movement and action. Arenas of interaction and witnessing expand into character, poetry and narrative. By engaging and revealing the habits of mind in our movement we expand our perceptions, reflections and expressions.

Words from Water is an excellent remedy for writer’s block, habitual movement, or fear of speaking one’s own words. Byproducts of this experiential laboratory class include intuitive character and narrative development, text material, disciplining mental chatter, suspending judgment, full body listening and thinking into one’s feet.

Participants should bring pen, paper and loose fitting clothes and be willing to take risks.