The Voice in Action

Words, Songs and Sounds from the Body as a vehicle for interaction
A Physical Theater Workshop for the Voice

The Voice exists as a common everyday medium of expression through the use of words and sounds. It is a tool for the ordinary. In an expressive forum it can be expanded to become a vehicle of action and exploration, a tool of improvisation and discovery. It can excavate personas and altered states.

The Voice in Action uses text, song, and sound as a basis to explore character and soundscape with the voice. Activities include breathing exercises, sound resonators, techniques of memorization, imagery, stream of consciousness writing, voice projection and the deconstruction of vocal habits. The relationship between the physicality of the body and the quality of vocal expression is the reference point for the research. There will be individual as well as group exercises that awaken the participant’s vocal capacities and expand their vocabularies and approaches to training the voice as a tool for improvisation and expression.