Street Theater: Harvesting Chaos

A Site Flexible Street Theater Worskshop
Design Strategies for the Body and Voice to Intervene in the Social Fabric

Expand your repertoire of risk taking in public space, of shifting energy and focus in the anonymity of the crowd, of turning the inside out in the alienation of the everyday rhythm, of seducing ritual out of the mundane. Harvesting Chaos defines strategies for becoming present to inner rhythms, expressions, and connections in a crowd and manifesting performance out of the moment.

A workshop laboratory setting where we create points of departure in an internal setting then go out to the city, village, mall or field and interact with the general public.

Harvesting Chaos cultivates a set of internal disciplines as guide posts to sustain improvisation and evolve the moment of spontaneous performance. It activates frames relating to stillness, absurdity, timeshifting, objects, history, archetypes and illusions.

Participants will engage in butoh and clown exercises and create personas to engage each other as well as the general public in the street. We will witness and comment on our strategies of engagement and create a laboratory setting for reflection.

The workshop will culminate with an intervention in a nearby public locale.