(2002 – 2008)

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Brilliant red, nine-foot tall stilt characters emerge from subterranean realms. Fantastic creatures rise with grace, fall with elegance and suspend one another in the air with daredevil lifts and stunts. Enchanting children and mystifying adults, Mudfire invokes our ancient relationship with the power and passion of fire. Echoing the struggle of gods and humans to control the trickster like force of flames, Mudfire’s multi-dimensional dramatic images recall different elemental images from before the beginning of time: the dances of fire and rain, the moon in the clouds, a boy and a beast racing against a raging inferno, the rebirth of the forest. An acrobatic stilts spectacle on a mythic scale, the show, directed by Jay Ruby, features all-original music and U.S., Canadian and Mexican performers.

“Mudfire is reminiscent of the creation myths of tribal people, as an earth-rooted Beast and an elevated Wind God battle three impish Fire demons. The dexterity and feats of acrobatics are amazing! ”

– Kirstin Innes, The List Weekly, Edinburgh Events Guide, 14 August 2008

We arrive like an echo (short version)

Created by Ishan Vernallis and Jay Ruby, “We Arrive Like an Echo” is a Documentary about the Carpetbag Brigade while they were in residency at the UNESCO sponsored Universal Forum of the Cultures, in Monterrey, Mexico. The film explores the processes and concepts of cross cultural exchange and questions the systems that hinder artistic interaction between nations, cultures, and individuals.




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