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“The sheer visual of dancers on stilts willing to sacrifice their bodies and their breath for their art makes Callings a worthwhile odyssey….the audience feels as if they too have been taken in by these dancing sirens.” 

– Kelley Crawford, Fringe Binge, New Orleans

 “The true magic of this performance was not in the acrobatics or feats of strength and movement. It was in the beautiful building of tension and anticipation that the performers were actively whipping up in their audience. “Mesmerizing” is the word that comes to mind, but that would be a crime of understatement.”

– John Tannous, Flagstaff Live

“Callings, a piece on superstition and then search for meaning, is lyrical, acrobatic, and extreme, using ropes and oars to evoke the ocean as the dancers tower in the airy reaches of artificial height.”

– SF Weekly

“It is a combination of dance and theater, a representation of reality, which ultimately responds in unison with the applause of the audience.”

– Angela Patrica Jimenez Castro – Textos Colombia

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If the ocean were ill, would she weep?

If clouds were riddles,, would we listen?

If a sailor survived a siren’s song, would words adorn the saline tongue?

Wedding the grace of modern dance with the raw intensity of physical theater in the spectacle-based format of acrobatic stilts, ‘Callings’ embraces images and issues of climate change evoking a shifting undertone and intimate sense of mystery and tension. A full-length (50 minute) medium scale street theatrical performance, suitable for all ages and languages. True pioneers at the art of acrobatic stiltwalking, “Callings” masters a unique theatrical language in the delicate overlap of theater, dance and circus. Rising with beauty, falling with grace and conjuring ephemeral magic with the movement and action of their powerful bodies, the performers emanate and pulse like the sea at twilight. Balancing intensely raw and precarious physical expression with sublime dramatic imagery.

“Whose words are these when no one speaks?” mutters the ghost of a sea captain meandering on the sea floor. The siren sings in return… “What might you see when you close your eyes?” An uneasy truce evolves between the eternal and the forgotten, together they conspire to foment a salt-coated cocktail of whispers, warnings and invocations conjured with the watery wrists of ceaselessly undulating waves. A tempest to tame the fools that fashion the world for profit. Above them sailors ply the seas of commerce, turning the wheels of industry….ignorant of the storm brewing in the depths they float upon. A transformative contagion is bubbling up from the depths as the ghost captain returns in Rimbaud’s drunken boat to the frigates of commerce seducing sailors into sirens with songs of salvation from the rising waters…the sea is alive! Alive you see! Alive like you! And Alive like…

‘Callings’ is a poetic homage to the sirens of the sea. Inspired by the challenge of climate change it speaks in transformational metaphors using the craft of acrobatic stilts. The ghost of a sea captain and the primal siren of the sea confront the sailors of commerce, seducing them into the awakening that the ocean is a living being.

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