Site Responsive Performance

Site Responsive performance invokes the history, architecture and possibilities inherent within the spirit of a place. In The Open Society Project we share our stilts vocabulary with members of a community and seek out an exchange with the artists, poets and musicians who can help construct a performance tapestry to renew the illumination of a shared public space. It is a celebration of people inhabiting space creatively together.

The Open Society Project can be done with any demographic. Its application mimics its name, it is a project to open society. It responds to a site with its inhabitants and The Carpetbag Brigade sharing a creative process. Open Society Project Partners have included:  Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Dance Mission Theater, Trolley Dances, Flagstaff Cultural Partners, Tsunami on the Square and All Souls Procession.


“Wonderful to take on physical challenges with such expertise & heart.”  

– Richard Schoumen, Q-Staff Theatre  (Albuquerque workshop participant)


“We learnt art is a journey and our motions, gestures, coordination, symmetry, rhythm and energy create the journey’s landscape.”

– Bill & Kai Bradley, Father & Son (Albuquerque workshop participants) 


“[The Open Society Project] was an amazing glimpse at the peak of skills combining stilting and theatre brought together to demonstrate the significance of cultural symbiosis.” 

– Laura Sutton, Circus Barrcus, (Flagstaff workshop participant) 


“I was finally given the opportunity to be accepted into a community of like-minded people, where failure is seen as just another step toward success. I learned to trust myself more, but also the people around me.”

– Mishi LaPlante (Flagstaff workshop participant) 


“The open society project is an amazing project that unites people of all ages and backgrounds.” 

– Jeannette Chavez, Director of Guadalupe Dance Company (San Antonio workshop participant)