Online Classes


10 Online Sessions – at your own pace

Join Helen Goodrum of The Carpetbag Brigade for an online series of classes exploring the body through movement.

Structured similar to the Rolfing® Ten Series Helen shares her knowledge and skills as a dancer, stilter and structural integration practitioner to those who desire an increased somatic awakening. Explore your relationship with yourself in a holistic movement modality that focuses on a sensory-motor approach to movement education. Enhance your kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness through exploration of movement, habits and patterns.  This class guides movers to become more integrated in their bodies, befriend gravity, reduce pain, evolve movement, and trust & connect with their higher selves. Expect to strengthen your connection with yourself as we move together, bringing increased support to our nervous systems and integrating our mind – body connection. 

No equipment required (session are NOT on stilts). Ensure you have enough space to comfortably lie on the ground. Each session is 30 minutes in length and designed as a series of 10 sessions (Full Series) completed in numeral order. Each individual session can be a stand alone class and/or a Mini series (Session 1-3) is also available. Sessions are pre-recorded allowing you to create your own schedule.

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  • Session 1: Inhalation. Our breath affects the amount of energy we have, the ways we use energy, and our general sense of aliveness. In this session we will explore the lungs and their connection to the heart and arms.
  • Session 2: Earth. By our eightieth year in this physical world we will have walked approximately 110,000 miles! Session 2 searches a clearer relationship with the earth & greater proprioception with the placement of the lower extremities.
  • Session 3: Elongation. With every lengthening reach the body yields to a condensing; giving and receiving. In session 3 we begin to integrate the upper and lower girdles through the lateral side line.
  • Session 4: Innermost. Acting similar to a hammock our pelvic floor supports our organs (bladder, sex organs, colon and rectum) and stretches from the pubic bone to tail bone. The Innermost session is the beginning of the core cycle creating freedom of the inner thigh from the pelvis.
  • Session 5: Viscera. The abdominal muscles attach the torso to the pelvis. In Session 5 we encourage length in the lumbar spine, bringing space to the abdomen and increased efficiency to the psoas muscle. 
  • Session 6: Dorsal. All mammals have a tail at some point in development; in humans it is present for a period of four weeks in the embryo. In this session we create a sense of balance and space of the spine, reorganizing and freeing the sacrum to increase spinal undulation.
  • Session 7: Crown. The average human head weighs 11lb and is supported by 7 cervical vertebrae. In session 7 we increase the mobility of the head and reestablish its connection to the neck and body.
  • Session 8: Foundations. The leaning tower of Pisa does not have sound foundations. Session 8 addresses the rotations of the pelvis and legs, integrating their movements to build a more efficient structure to support us through space.
  • Session 9: Antennae. The sternoclavicular joint (sternum – clavicle) is the only joint that connects the arm to the body and requires much stability for arm movement. In session 9 we will gain more understanding of this joint, the rotations of the arms and the impact on the shoulder girdle.
  • Session 10: Integration. This last session prepares the student for assimilation, manifestation and closure. The experience of moving as a whole entire fluid body.


Helen Goodrum is an international freelance performer, choreographer and creative developer, collaborating with diverse companies teaching and performing worldwide. An active full time core member of The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater, Helen is a leading artist in the field of acrobatic stilt dancing. She forges innovative development in the field through her teaching, training, collaboration and performance. Helen co-directs, organizes and teaches as part of the Global Stilt Congress, a gathering of international stilters. Helen’s research of the human body, movement education, and perception & coordination began over 30 years ago, is enhanced by a degree in Dance from Roehampton University, and is supplemented by her qualifications as a Rolfer™ Structural Integration & Rolf Movement® Practitioner and Reiki Master. She is inspired by further research with the Axis Syllabus International Research Community, Feldenkrais Method, Body Mind Centering and Contact Improvisation dance.