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Kaimos Institute

Site Specific Experimental Studies

May 14th through May 27th, 2017

Prescott, Arizona

Embodying Granite Creek

Connecting Text to Landscape through

Embodiment Practice and Performance Process

Site Specific Experimental Studies create an organic system of personalized expression in response to the inner world of the participants and the external environment. In this installment we will explore our responses and provocations to the Granite Creek drainage basin in Prescott, Arizona. The workshop will explore the expressive capacities of the body, voice, and mind to develop the unique creative territory of each participant.

We will work and train in an ensemble theater style to sharpen the senses, increase movement capacity, awaken physical action and articulate the voice through song, text and memory. The generative process will develop performative coherence and ensemble cohesion.

Site Specific Experimental Studies evolve the embodiment of text in a performance process and ground its evolution in the local landscape. This exploration of the unconscious, the environment, and the bridge between them opens pathways of insight into personal creative terrain. “Embodying Granite Creek” is for participants who are interested in awakening expression and connectivity. This process can assist actors, dancers, healers, yogis, singers, dreamers, and writers in their work.

This workshop is associated with a graduate research project in place engagement and the witnessing of expressive practices. Participants in this workshop will also opt into confidential participation in the associated research project. Full details about the academic research component of this project will be discussed during the application process.

The facilitated ensemble and individual creative processes will be full day immersions, scheduled for Mondays through Fridays beginning on May 8th with potential occasional nocturnal activity.

The Kaimos Institute is emergent and evolving. Site Specific Experimental Studies assesses the interplay between the creative unconscious and the landscape. Participants in this nascent work will be asked to reflect on their experience and share their reflections as part of the cumulative academic work surrounding the Kaimos Institute and Director Jay Ruby’s thesis on cultivated acts of intentional witnessing.

The workshop will take place at Sam Hill Warehouse and/or The Flying Nest Studio and the environs of Granite Creek Park in Prescott, Arizona.

How to Apply. Interested participants are asked to write a short essay addressing the following points:

  • Personal Motivation for exploring landscape and psyche in a creative process with others
  • Personal Philosophy of understanding the earth as a living system
  • Personal History or Biography of creative profile

Upon submission of essay, applicants will be contacted to schedule a personal interview to discuss the work process and agreements for participation in Site Specific Experimental Studies.

Upon selection, participants will be asked for a down payment to reserve space in the workshop and will be given a series of preparatory tasks.

Jay Ruby directs and produces site-specific performances. His company, The Carpetbag Brigade, is known for pioneering work in developing the vocabulary of acrobatic stilt walking and its application to open air performance and cross-cultural collaboration. He has been in residence as a director at The Universal Forum of the Cultures in Monterrey, Mexico, facilitated the Bi Cultural Road Show with Nemcatacoa Teatro and is the founder of Global Stilt Congress. Jay Ruby’s influences include the Odin Teatret, Diego Pinon, Thomas Richards, David Clarkson, and a buzzing hive of diverse contact improvisation teachers. Jay Ruby practices Ashtanga Yoga and Vipassana meditation and has a B.A in Psychology from Antioch College. He is presently pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Humanities from Prescott College focusing on how cultivated acts of witnessing contribute to human evolution.

Kaimos is a Greek word meaning riddle of grief or the wound that you are born with. The mission of the Kaimos Institute is to transform suffering into beauty through intimate story.

Cost $390

to begin registration process please email  info@carpetbagbrigade.com

please contact us if you have any questions.