Global Stilt Congress V



Global Stilt Congress

May 19 – June 2    

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                                                                                               Early bird ends MARCH 31

Global Stilt Congress is a gathering hosted by The Carpetbag Brigade at Arcosanti, an experimental urban laboratory in the Northern Arizona desert. We strengthen our community and network of stilt-oriented performers and practitioners by coming together, exchanging skills, developing craft, and creating a site responsive performance together. During Global Stilt Congress, The Carpetbag Brigade and guest faculty share their techniques, compositional strategies and life experiences through classes, lectures, and a culminating site specific performance project.

Global Stilt Congress is two weeks in length. The 1st week (Technique Week) features guest faculty and the sharing of different  stilt techniques. The 2nd week (Composition Week) integrates the experiential learning of the first week through a creative process that results in “The Legislation” a site responsive performance at Arcosanti for the general public.

GSC accepts a limited number of participants. Ensure your reservation by registering and paying the deposit in full.


MAY 20 – 22

AERIAL STILTS with Alessandra Ogren

(Prerequisite: Stilt walk on peg stilts unaided)
Arrive the evening of May 19, Class ends at 6pm on May 22
Tuition fee $425 – Guest Faculty Intensive ONLY – ADD TO CART

Technique Week will feature a three day immersion in AERIAL STILT WORKSTILT PARTNERING WITH BODIES, OBJECTS AND SITES and SOMATIC MOVEMENT. Bringing teachers into the community, intensely engage stilt techniques facilitated by dedicated practitioners sharing their advanced styles of stilts. Guest faculty will be announced in the coming month. 

AERIAL STILTS: explores the interface between aerial dance and acrobatic stilt walking. Using slings we look at the advantages to be gained from weight and extension of the stilts into space through the aerial arts as a point of exploration. Underneath the Arcosanti arches we mix these two distinct forms into a point of aesthetic departure. Alessandra is a co-founder and former co-artistic director of Wise Fool New Mexico, a community-based performance company incorporating circus arts into visual theatre.

STILT PARTNERING WITH BODIES, OBJECTS AND SITES: Bela Winter is an internationally accomplished transdisciplinary performer and Contact Improvisation teacher using movement and performance as tools to inspire collaboration, exchange and dialogue. Originally trained in acrobatic stilt work with The Carpetbag Brigade, Bela continues to experiment with new forms and approaches to integrate stilts in contemporary performance making.

MAY 23 – 24


Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels
(Prerequisite: Stilt walk on peg stilts unaided)
Class begins May 23 at 9am and ends at 6pm on May 24
Tuition fee $425 – Acrobatic Stilt Intensive ONLY – ADD TO CART
Tuition fee $725 – this includes Technique Week: Guest Faculty & Acrobatic Stilt Intensive – ADD TO CART

The two-day acro-stilt intensive taught by Helen Goodrum, Alicia Gerstein and Jay Ruby of The Carpetbag Brigade (plus two guests) breaks down and shares the fundamentals of our acro-stilt vocabulary.  We provide safe and effective challenges for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels so that every participant advances in their capacity. Full morning and afternoon sessions with warm up and cool down exercises. Two days and five teachers, lots to learn!


MAY 26 – JUNE 2


(Prerequisite: Technique Week – Guest Faculty AND Acrobatic Stilt Intensives)
Arrive the evening of May 19, Depart on the morning of June 2.
Tuition fee $925 – this includes Acrobatic Stilt Intensive and Guest Faculty Intensive and Composition week – ADD TO CART

Develop material and perform with The Carpetbag Brigade in “Citizen Ship: The Legislation” Global Stilt Congress’ culminating performance on May 31st and June 1st. During Composition Week, participants will create an original group performance with members of The Carpetbag Brigade.  The process will draw on and deepen material from the Technique Week, giving participants a first hand experience in creative process with the company.

Spectacle Based Drama challenges us to make meaning with our feats of physical strength and beauty. During Composition Week, members of The Carpetbag Brigade facilitate laboratories to both evolve the form of Acrobatic Stilts and to layer the work with meaning. The ideas and new skills from Technique Week are developed in a performance enacted as “The Legislation,” to conclude Global Stilt Congress. This year’s theme is “Citizen Ship.”  

Registration is OPEN:

  1. Apply Online by completing this application.
  2.  Pay the deposit to confirm your place at Global Stilt Congress V. Deposits can be paid via PayPal (you will find the links above) and are the total of the tuition fee. The registration deposit is non-refundable if a cancellation is made at any time. If you wish to pay via check please email us at
  3.   Pay your remaining accommodation, food and stilt rental fees to secure your reservation.


Accommodation at Arcosanti

Camping at Arcosanti requires you to bring your own tent, mattress and sleeping bag. Camping is outside in the Meditation Gardens overlooking the Agua Fria river gorge. It can be windy (bring pegs) and June at Arcosanti can be cold at night (high of 95F and low of 50F). If you camp come prepared! All campers have access to a shower inside Arcosanti.

ADD TO CART: Guest Faculty Intensive
ADD TO CART: Acrobatic Stilt Intensive
ADD TO CART: Technique Week
ADD TO CART: Technique Week & Composition Week

Dormitories at Arcosanti are 6 to 9 person shared rooms. You will be sleeping in a room with other participants each with your own single bed. You will be sharing community space. There is a limited number of spaces in the dorms, and priority will be given to those staying for the full two weeks.  After that priority is on a first come first serve basis. We suggest you pay for your accommodation as soon as possible to secure your place. Arcosanti will provide a blanket and pillow, and for an extra cost will also provide sheets. We advise you bring ear plugs.

ADD TO CART: Guest Faculty Intensive
ADD TO CART: Acrobatic Stilt Intensive
ADD TO CART: Technique Week
ADD TO CART: Technique Week & Composition Week

Add Linens to your shared dormitory accommodation
ADD TO CART: LINENS Guest Faculty Intensive
ADD TO CART: LINENS Acrobatic Stilt Intensive
ADD TO CART: LINENS Technique Week
ADD TO CART: LINENS Technique Week & Composition Week

Private rooms may be available and must be arranged directly  with Arcosanti. Please let us know if you are interested in a private room, so correspondence can be established. Prices vary depending on occupancy.

Food at Arcosanti

Arcosanti Cafe provides three meals a day. The Cafe is less than 5 minutes walk from our working and living spaces and provides vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options in addition to meat dishes. No cooking or cleaning for two weeks!

ADD TO CART: Guest Faculty Intensive
ADD TO CART: Acrobatic Stilt Intensive
ADD TO CART: Technique Week
ADD TO CART: Technique Week & Composition Week

The community kitchen provides a space for people to store their own food, prepare their own meals and cook for themselves. The kitchen is very basic, and you may wish to bring some kitchen equipment if you need something specific. Kitchen use is limited to 16 participants (priority will be given to participants staying the full two weeks and secondly to those who pay and register first). NOTE – There is not a grocery store at Arcosanti and if you choose to bring and cook your own food, it is strongly suggested to bring food for your total stay as transit to the nearest grocery store is in Phoenix or Prescott (2 hour round trip).

ADD TO CART: Guest Faculty Intensive
ADD TO CART: Acrobatic Stilt Intensive
ADD TO CART: Technique Week
ADD TO CART: Technique Week & Composition Week

Peg Stilts and Knee Pads

We recommend using 2 feet – 2.5 feet aluminum peg stilts for our work in the Global Stilt Congress.

All participants must have their own knee pads (including those who are renting stilts). These MUST have a plastic outer protection as well as foam. Carpetbag Brigade recommends Triple Eight as a retailer.

Bamboo and aluminum stilt rental from Daddy Long Legs Stilts is available at an additional cost of $100 (see online registration to order). These stilts will also be available for purchase during GSC, contact for details.

If renting stilts, you will need to also bring a pair of sneakers which we will drill onto the stilts. Gym sneakers with laces and a good sole are ideal stilt shoes. Be prepared that those renting stilts will need to be fitted by Carpetbag Brigade before we begin the workshops.

ADD TO CART: Stilt Rental

Paying your remaining fee

Global Stilt Congress payment (Accommodation, Food and Stilt Rental) must be paid BY MAY 1. Links can be found below. Reservations in the kitchen and accommodation will only be reserved once we receive your payment.

Traveling to Arcosanti:

Arcosanti is located one and a half miles (2.5 km of unpaved road) Northeast of Arcosanti Road (exit 263) on I-17, near Cordes Junction, 65 miles (100 km) North of Phoenix. Directions can be found on the Arcosanti website. The nearest airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor and there is a shuttle  service from the airport to Cordes Junction with Groome Transportation. Carpetbag Brigade will provide shuttle service from Cordes Junction to Arcosanti.


To register GSC must receive your tuition payment in full. Registration is first come first serve.

All prices are in US Dollar

Payment can be submitted via PayPal (you will find the links above or if you wish to pay via check please email

We are unable to offer work trade but can offer GROUP DISCOUNT on tuition costs to those of you who perform together. Contact us at to find out more.

**Early bird prices are available until MARCH 31

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