Global Stilt Congress IV

Global Stilt Congress IV opened with a two-day acrostilt intensive taught by The Carpetbag Brigade members Jay Ruby, Helen Goodrum and Alicia Gerstein. The rudiments of their acrostilt vocabulary were shared along three track lines: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In addition Chok Er taught a stilt object manipulation class.

This year five tracks of stilt fusion technique were taught during Technique Stilt Intensive: Aerial Stilts with Alessandra Ogren from WiseFool, Afro-Caribbean Stilts with Nadia Hagen of Flam Chen, Butoh Stilts taught by Nathan Montgomery founder of Syzygy Butoh, Axis-Syllabus Inspired Stilts with Kelly Keenan and Choral Song stilts with Nick Slie from Mondo Bizarro.

Global Stilt Congress IV also included the two weekend FUSE Festival (Festival Uniting Spectacle + Ensemble) at Arcosanti AZ where ‘The Equinox Legislation’ was presented to the public.