Global Stilt Congress III

In 2015, Global Stilt Congress returned for its second year to Arcosanti, AZ.

Week one consisted of two training pathways. AAA training: Acrobatic Stilts taught by Helen Goodrum and Alicia Gerstein of Carpetbag Brigade, Axis Syllabus Stilts with Daniel Bear Davis and Kristen Greco and Afro-Caribbean dance Stilts with Najja Codrington of Brooklyn Jumbies. ABC training: Aerial Stilts with Alessandra Ogren from WiseFool, Butoh with Christopher Mankowski of Carpetbag Brigade and Contact Improvisation Stilts taught by Carpetbag Brigades director Jay Ruby. Participants took classes in all the above genres of stilts.

In week two lead participants were lead through a composition week by the Carpetbag Brigade, using material in week one to create the site specific performance ‘The Legislation: Food and Shelter’ which was present to the public at the Arco-Tsunami Festival.