Global Stilt Congress II

“My experience of GSC 2014 was explosive and magically enlightening, a mentally, spiritually and physically healing environment.”
– Najja Codrington of Brooklyn Jumbies
“[GSC was] Inspirational, community building, skill building and a super awesome time!”. 
– Alessandra Ogren, director of WiseFool
“An expansion of my performance abilities and inspiration for choreography”.
– Nadia Hagen Artistic Director of Flam Chen

Global Stilt Congress 2014 was held at Arcosanti Arizona: an urban laboratory in the Northern Arizona desert, built by Italian-American architect, Paolo Soleri.


GSC 2014 had four focal pathways participates were guided to explore in week one: Aerial Stilts – Examining stilts as extensions of line in aerial work by spinning, swinging and flying with Allesandra Ogren from Wise Fool New Mexico. Afro Caribbean Stilts – Engaging the music, dance and stilt traditions of West Africa and the Carribean with Ali Sylvester and Najja Codrington of the Brooklyn Jumbies and Nadia Hagen of Flam ChenButoh Stilts – Transcending technique to awaken presence in character and intention by exploring the intermediate world between the ground and standing with Christopher Mankowski of The Carpetbag BrigadeContact Stilts – Developing relational flow and harvesting improvisational exploration by mixing the vocabulary of acrostilts and contact improvisation with Jay Ruby and Helen Goodrum of The Carpetbag Brigade.

The Legislation shared the results of this process openly with the public in an evening of artistic exploration amidst the unique architecture of an experimental community in the desert.