Global Stilt Congress I


Global Stilt Congress 2013 occurred in San Francisco, California at Dance Mission Theater and in Dos Rios, California. The guest teachers were Daniel Bear Davis sharing Axis Syllabus stiltsJay Ruby sharing Stiltasana (Acrobatic Stilts)Nicolas Cifuentes sharing Physical Stilts Theater and Ursula Berzborn of Grotest Maru directing the site-specific performance in Dos Rios.

“Global Stilt Congress gave me the opportunity to make connections, meet like minded colleagues, learn new stilt/physical theater techniques and connect with a global network”.
– Em Piro, ST Louis Fringe Festival
“[Global Stilt Congress] has given me the technical vocabulary and desire to evolve with the discipline. I will take action to share the work with my communities of dance and circus in Canada”.
– Julie Duguay, Chasseurde Rexe Dream Hunters
Summer Feast: A day of dance in Dos Rios, Ukiah Daily Journal, Mendocino – CA
Summer Feast: Dios Rios 2013, Holly Near, The Beat of 24th & Mission, San Francisco CA