During the challenging Covid-19 years, Global Stilt Congress went digital. Participants met via zoom for three days to enjoy Lectures from Director and Founder Jay Ruby, Movement Practices from Helen Goodrum’s Somatic Dance Work, Documentary Videos from the Carpetbag Brigade Archives, and Discussion with Participants from our Global Network.

The Digital GSC was a platform to continue inspiring and sharing the art of stilting and spectacle-based drama around the world. It was a chance to connect, share inspiration and build our network through a deeper understanding of the intentions, theory and practice behind the origins of Carpetbag Brigade and Global Stilt Congress. Each session addressed a particular aspect of the work.

Day 1 – The Body as Expressive Tool – The Performer’s Body. What approaches benefit training the body for the spectacle sport of acrobatic stilts? How does Carpetbag Brigade develop their ‘techniques’?  
Day 2 – Spectacle Based Drama – The Spectator’s Body. What is spectacle based drama? How do Butoh and Contact Dance inform physical theater in Carpetbag Brigade’s acrobatic stiltwork?
Day 3 – Community Engagement – The Social Body. How can performance create its own language to connect cultures? What is the artist’s responsibility in shaping the world through memory and imagination?