Symposium of Spectacle Based Drama

A stimulating day of right brain / left brain performance culture education!

Preceding the Arco•Tsunami Festival was an entire day of events held under the banner of The Symposium of Spectacle Based Drama. Artists, Academics and Students explored and examined the creative process and impact of spectacle based drama in contemporary society with a panel discussion hosted by Rachel Bowditch and a keynote address from Laura Anderson Barbata


Rachel Bowditch, Head of MFA in Performance in the School of Film, Dance and Theatre in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at ASU hosted a panel discussion on the Dimensions of Spectacle Based Drama.

The keynote address of the day, delivered by Laura Anderson Barbata addressed Transcommunality and Collaborations beyond Borders. Laura Anderson Barbata is a visual artist whose work recognizes the capacity of stilt traditions to preserve and reactivate cultural traditions.

Audience members were invited to stay for the evening performances at the Arco•Tsunami Festival where Carpetbag Brigade presented acrobatic stilts performance ‘Callings’ and Wise Fool presented ‘Flexion’, an aerial stilts performance.