The Robes of St Anne

Hosted by Julie Co Danse and Circus Stella
in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

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In the months of July and August 2014, The Carpetbag Brigade prepared “The Robes of St. Anne” with Circus Stella and Julie Co Danse. The collaboration, directed by Jay Ruby travelled to the Beaumont Chapel along the Petitcodiac River near Moncton, New Brunswick. Carpetbag Brigade taught and worked alongside acrostilters from Moncton, New Brunswick and Montreal, Canada to build a tableau of work entitled “The Robes of St. Anne” This ambulant outdoor stilts spectacle-based drama was presented at the Festival du Cirque de Dieppe, The 450th Anniversary of Prince Edward Island and the Congres Mondial Acadien during the Summer of 2014.

The Carpetbag Brigade also presented their stilts repertory performance “Callings” during this time at the same locations.


‘Dieppe vibrera au rythme du cirque a la fin Juillet’, June 18 2014, Acadie Nouvelle

‘Quand la Chapelle Devient Acrobatique’, July 22 2014, Acadie Nouvelle


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