Puentes de Ciudades Invisibiles

The good thing at the forum…Invisible Cities Bridges! Intense!, Norma Flores, Crucero, Monterrey, Mexico

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In September and October of 2012, the Carpetbag Brigade returned to Monterrey Mexico to collaborate with former 2007 students who have since created an acrobatic stilts company named Pura Vibra.

Pura Vibra from Monterrey, Mexico was founded by the participants who worked with The Carpetbag Brigade during the residency at the Universal Forum of the Cultures in 2007.

Using acrobatic stilts, dance, theater and writings of Cabeza de Vaca and Italo Calvino; Carpetbag Brigade and Pura Vibra explored the tension between individuals, between one group and another, between north and south, and between Mexico and the U.S. The show created in one month especially for the Festival Internacional de Santa Lucia, highlighted the acrobatic art of the stilt technique common in both groups.




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