Colombia / USA

A cross-cultural collaboration on stilts between The Carpetbag Brigade (USA) &  Nemcatacoa Teatro (Colombia)

Download: EPK – Dios de la Adrenalina

“Spellbinding to have the hidden tension between the two cultures reflected theatrically in a public catharsis. It has been exciting watching the work grow.”

 Santiago Montoyo Restrepo, Teatro Tespys

“The visual spectacle and deep content of Dios de la Adrenalina captivated Phoenix audiences and sparked a dynamic conversation about politics and the “War on Drugs.”  This is the type of work we need to be seeing in public spaces.”

– Mary Stephens ASU – Performance in the Borderlands

“Stunning… magical… transformative. Dios de la Adrenalina is a must-see show that will blow your mind.”

– John Tannous, Director Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff

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A groundbreaking genre bending cross-cultural collaboration between accomplished acrobatic stilt companies The Carpetbag Brigade and Nemcatacoa Teatro along with contemporary Andean music from Hojarasca and bilingual spoken word from Verbo•Bala’s Logan “Dirtyverbs” Phillips.

Illuminating the undercurrents and dynamics of globalization, ‘Dios de Adrenalina’ examines the collectivizing of trauma through hidden economic relationships and the impact of contraband commerce on the human nervous system and the commodification and re-cycling of resulting conflicts into digestible pop culture. ‘Dios de Adrenalina’ is a kinetic survey of the impulses that bind us to our humanity and a testimony to the ability of culture to transform perspective and deepen understanding.

‘Dios de Adrenalina’ is designed to be shared in open air spaces outside of traditional theatrical venues.

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