Cross Cultural Collaboration

Creating a vocabulary of exchange beyond the realm of verbal language allows for deep artistic interaction. The Carpetbag Brigade applies acrobatic stilts as a medium to engage artists from diverse cultures in collaborative process resulting in unique cross-cultural projects.

Highlights of Cross-Cultural Collaboration: “Vanishing Point Grande” and “Mudfire Grande” integrated 20 local students at the Universal Forum of the Cultures in Monterrey, Mexico. “Whizzbang”, Crimson Coast Dance Society culminated a three year process with Carpetbag Brigade, Flamchen and local artists in Nanaimo, Canada. “Ciudades de Puentes Invisibiles” a performance created with Pura Vibra for the Santa Lucia Festival in Monterey, Mexico. “Dios de la Adrenalina” a collaboration with Nemcatacoa Teatro premiered at the Iberoamericano Festival in Bogota, Colombia and then toured with the “Bi Cultural Road Show” a seven month tour across the USA along with Hojarasca and Verbo•Bala. “The Robes of St. Anne” a touring residency and exchange with New Brunwick’s Circus Stella and Poetique Desordres from Montreal.