Project Members

Artistic director: Jay Ruby
Cast members: Aurelia Cohen, Alicia Gerstein, Helen Goodrum & Jay Ruby

Previous cast members include : Kevin Cochran, Daniel Bear Davis, Andrés Dario Muñoz Medina, Isabelle Kirouac, Ashley Rodd, Efrain Torres, Gina Shorten, Sarah Keeney, Christopher Mankowski

Aurelia Cohen / ‘Callings’ Project Member

Aurelia Cohen is made of rubber and steel. She studied ballet from the age of three and trained and specialised in aerial since being fourteen years old. Her performance career began as an aerialist and tutor with Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theater (AZ) and met The Carpetbag Brigade in the collaborative production ‘Penny Farthing’, which lead to her acrobatic stilt involvement with the Carpetbag Brigade at the Foro Universal de las Culturas in Monterrey, Mexico . Aurelia plays accordion for Intuitive Compass, a touring band  based in Oregon and comprising of her partner and son.

Alicia Gerstein / ‘Callings’ Project Member

Alicia Gerstein first learned how to walk on stilts as a child at Bread & Puppet Theater, and much later began exploring techniques combining physical theater, acrobatics, and dance, with Nemcatacoa Teatro (Bogota, Colombia) and The Carpetbag Brigade (San Francisco, CA). She performs as part of both of these companies, in Colombia and the US.  She has been a puppeteer for many years with Bread & Puppet Theater (Glover, VT), Great Small Works (Brooklyn, NY), El Teatro Indigena de la Sierra Tarahumara (Chihuahua, Mexico), and other puppet theaters. Alicia also works as a teaching artist in public schools in New York City, where she lives.



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