Project Members

Artistic director: Jay Ruby
Cast members: Alicia Gerstein, Camilo Jimenez, Helen Goodrum, Jay Ruby

Alicia Gerstein / ‘Callings’ Project Member

Alicia Gerstein first learned how to walk on stilts as a child at Bread & Puppet Theater, and much later began exploring techniques combining physical theater, acrobatics, and dance, with Nemcatacoa Teatro (Bogota, Colombia) and The Carpetbag Brigade. She performs as part of both of these companies, in Colombia and the US.  She has been a puppeteer for many years with Bread & Puppet Theater (Glover, VT), Great Small Works (Brooklyn, NY), El Teatro Indigena de la Sierra Tarahumara (Chihuahua, Mexico), and other puppet theaters. Alicia also works as a teaching artist in public schools in New York City, where she lives.


Camilo Jimenez / ‘Callings’  Project Member

Born in Colombia, Camilo has performed with Bogota ensemble Nemcatacoa Teatro since 2011 and is the director for their most recent works. Camilo joins Carpetbag Brigade this year having performed in 2013 with the Bi-Cultural Road Show and Dios de la Adrenalina. An enthusiastic parkour and acrobat, Camilo studies Theater Direction at ASAB Academia Superior de Artes in Bogota Colombia.


Levana Prud’homme / ‘Callings’ International (Non US) Performer

Levana Irena Prud’homme is dedicated to the continual study and sharing of holistic and radical movements, both physically and socially. They graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Contemporary Dance and Women’s Studies from Concordia University in Montréal, Québec, where they lived, created, and performed for seven years before moving back to British Columbia, Canada. They presently work for the physical theatre company The Carpetbag Brigade (USA), internationally performing and teaching. Levana has taken part in projects worldwide, including clowning with The Gesundheit! Institute (USA) in Peru, dancing as part of Biblioteca do Corpo in Austria and Brazil, and various dance, theatre, and artistic residencies around the United States. For almost ten years now, Levana has been pursuing courses by teachers in the Axis Syllabus International Research Community, deepening a knowledge of biomechanical efficiency and strengthening the kinesthetic relationship with their body, with others, and with the environment. Levana is currently pursuing a teaching career in physical expression that is actively inclusive of people with all levels and types of physical ability.