Stiltasana San Antonio

February 9th and 16th @ 1pm – 3pm – San Antonio, TX
February 13th and 20th @ 6pm – 8pm – San Antonio, TX
Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, 1301 Guadalupe St., San Antonio, Texas 78207
This workshop includes warm-ups, training and exercises intended to bring awareness to the movement habits stilts require. At the beginner level we work with proper stilt alignment and gaits, and can move into choreography and transitions. We will also work on Release Technique and Contact Improvisation principles, which will help increase spatial awareness and responsiveness to weight and touch. The pace and the content of this work will be tailored to our participants.

Helen Goodrum is at the forefront of the development of acrobatic stilt walking; a rare unique art form that few artists worldwide have mastered. With only a handful of professional companies exploring the possibilities of acrobatic stilts, Helen Goodrum is a leading artist in the field having contributed to its growth and continues to bring innovative development through her teachings, training, collaboration and performance.

$100 for all 4 classes

Monica Sosa at The Guadalupe
210-271-3151 or via email at

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