The Carpetbag Brigade in Colombia

From July 19-September 12, The Carpetbag Brigade will be touring a new performance work “Callings” in 6 different festivals all over Colombia as well as collaborating locally with Nemcatacoa teatro, a cutting-edge acrobatic stilts company, as the first step in a long journey of creating a cross-cultural performance collaboration. Thank you to the US Embassy and all our generous friends and supporters for helping us to realize an important cross cultural project in Colombia. We were able to raise $1830 with the help of 52 backers exceeding both our goals for backer numbers and amount raised.

A warm and very special thank you to : John Ruby, Aaron Moore, Susan Tiss, Duncan Godfrey, Michael Glavin, Melissa Calmes, Mark Greenfield, Molly Niffen, Phyllis Rodd, Elsie Ruby, Cathy Collins, Andy Lundberg, Eman Haram, John Ruiz, Laura Soemarko, Mark Valdez, Arizona Between Nosotros, Mizu Desierto, Anson Smith, John Good, Pamela Millar. Brihannala Morgan, Gaia Gray, J.C., Delisa Myles, Jason Gullo, Holly Bright, Brett Keyser, Moti Mark Zemelman, Michael Theodore, Paul Weir, Erin Leddy, Helen Flack, Shannon Vest, David Jacob, Faith Helma, Deni Kornbluh, Ashley Newton, Laura Astwood, Robynn Patrick, Ashley Foster, Sharada Filkow, Greg Glover, Andrew Potts. Rosie Morrison, Megan Buchanan Cherry, Wayne Sorlie, Jackie Goodrum, Kristen Greco, Liz Hayden, John Tannous, Paula Biasi. As well, a special thanks to Kathrine & Margaret Huskinf!

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