Residency at The Headwaters Theater in Portland, Oregon

“YOU DON’T KNOW JACK” by The Carpetbag Brigade
MARCH 31 & APRIL 1,2 + 7,8,9 – 8pm

The Headwaters Theater, Portland OR

Carpetbag Brigade adds a jungian twist with a dash of PTSD to Jack and the Beanstalk. Inspired by Robert Bly’s The Sibling Society, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK is the surreal tragic comedy of an alcoholic dead man and the shadow of his wild dysfunctional family.
“The immensely talented cast of five are such strong performers that they imbue their dark, deliciously odd tale of a dead alcoholic and his messed-up family with a hypnotic intensity; it’s impossible not to enter their dysfunctional, fragmented worlds”
– Tina Jackson, The Metro, Glasgow, Scotland

+ special performance
MARCH 21 – 7:30pm
5 Dances from Japan” a work-in-progress presentation by Christopher Mankowski
The Headwaters – 55 NE Farragut #9, Portland OR
5-15$ suggested donation

with Carpetbag Brigade & Nick Slie from Mondo Bizarro

Come participate in an exciting series of performing arts workshops and classes with the cast of “You don’t know Jack”
MARCH 19-20, 1-5pm
THE VOICE IN ACTION (click on the link for description)
w/Jay Ruby

$85 early registration $100 day of
APRIL 2 & 3, 3-6pm
w/Varrick Grimes

Through the use of group games and individual training tasks we will explore the nature of the performer’s presence and work on developing our understanding of play. Open to actors, dancers, writers, directors and the curious.
$85 early registration $100 day of
APRIL 3, 7-9pm
FUNDAMENTALS OF BUTOH: An Exploration of Line and Color

w/Christopher Mankowski

In this workshop, we will use line and color as a metaphor for cultivating the expressive potential of the body. Similar to painting, the concept of line embodies shape and form—what the eye can tangibly see—while color captures a more subtle emotional life, and what is perhaps, invisible. We will look at the body as a canvas, exploring how we can create line and form through fundamentals such as standing, walking, falling, and rising. Within these forms, just as a drop of color penetrates a glass of water, we will use imagery to penetrate and color the body at the cellular level. How then does the color affect the form of the body, and how does the body relate to what is becoming alive within it. The workshop will be simple, yet vigorous.
$20 class
APRIL 4 & 6, 7-9pm
CONTACT IMPROVISATION: Catching waves – dancing the body migrations
w/Isabelle Kirouac

We will learn to fall and rise with grace, release the unnecessary tensions in our body and move with ease and flow. Finding support from the floor and our partner, we will learn to trust, play off balance, rise and fly. We will dare to dive in the moment, engage with the consequences of our actions and notice the process of holding on and letting go. Through exposing ourselves, witnessing others, receiving and giving feedbacks, we will ask ourselves: What creates meaning? This work is not about teaching a style. Everyone has his own world of possibilities. This is what needs to be revealed.
$20 per class
April 9 & 10, 1-5 pm
VOICE & SONGS: The Land Has Left Our Feet
w/Nick Slie of Mondo Bizarro

Join Nick Slie of the New Orleans based performance group Mondo Bizarro in an investigation of the dynamic possibilities of the singing voice. Participants will be guided through a number of exercises to aid the discovery and development of range within their own voice. We’ll explore both technical proficiency and artistic expression.  The work will begin with an awakening of the physical presence and move into explorations of harmony, drone and the role the eyes play in the energy of a song. This workshop is suitable for all levels of vocal proficiency, from novice to professional.
$85 early registration $100 day of
Take all three weekend workshops for $215
Take all three evening classes for $50


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