Bi Cultural Road Show

 The Bi Cultural Road Show was the summation of all the performance offerings during 2013 from Nemcatacoa Teatro and The Carpetbag Brigade. We will presented a mixture of these performances in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and New York during the summer.

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During 2013, the Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater Company from San Francisco, California with support from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation and Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation hosted the Colombian performing arts companies Nemcatacoa Teatro and Hojarasca and Tucson, Arizona’s Verbo•Bala. Together they toured the United States from mid spring through mid autumn. The tour encompassed the border states from California to Texas along with a visit to New York City. The keystone performance of the tour was “Dios de la Adrenalina”, a cross cultural collaboration built and rehearsed in both countries over the last three years featuring all of the Colombian and American artists traveling together.

The Bi Cultural Road Show expanded the understanding and appreciation of Latin Culture beyond the Mexican border by being a living display of creative co-existence that includesd presenting each participating company’s repertory performances, sharing two slide show lectures and conducting a residency program, entitled The Open Society Project that engaged students and artists from the different communities visited by the Bi Cultural Road Show. 

Bi Cultural Road Show Photographs


Bicultural Road Show Performances 

“Dios de la Adrenalina” was the keystone performance collaboration in the 2013 tour and included all the artists from Nemcatacoa Teatro, The Carpetbag Brigade, Hojarasca  and Verbo•Bala. The Bi-Cultural Road Show also featured performances and concerts from each company including the ambulant site flexible open air stilt procession “Landscape Reinvention Society” from Nemcatacoa Teatro, Carpetbag Brigade’s deeply aesthetic high level acrostilt performance “Callings”,  the spoken word image wizardy from Verbo•Bala in the “Sonoran Strange” as well as a full length concert “Hojarasca” presenting contemporary Andean music on traditional instruments and of course the amazing Cumbia dance party Sonidero from Verbo•Bala.


Additionally the artists conducted Lecture Demonstrations entitled “The Tradition of Acrobatic Stiltwalking in Colombia” and “Street Theater in a Society of Conflict” as well as workshops and residencies in acrobatics, stilts, butoh dance, contact improvisation, the voice in action, creative writing, juggling and physical theater.

Workshop Residency Information

The Open Society Project was a community oriented Performance Residency facilitated by The Carpetbag Brigade and Nemcatacoa Teatro. The two companies along with the musical groups Verbo•Bala and Hojarasca engaged the community’s dancers/ musicians/ spoken word artists/ students/ stilters to craft material during a two to four week skill building workshop to create a presentaion that becomes part of the landscape Nemcatacoa Teatro encounters in their ambulant presentation “Landscape Reinvention Society” creating a moving metaphor of creative culture in dialogue.

There were Open Society Projects in Prescott, AZ, in conjunction with Tsunami on the Square’s site specific event “Flourish Before the Flood”; in Flagstaff, AZ with an open call to artists to participate in workshops with the Bi Cultural Roadshow artists culminating in a presentation at downtown Heritage Square; in San Francisco, California with a two week lead in intensive workshop culminating in a presentation at the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival; in Tucson, AZ with a performance collaboration with world renowned Flamchen leading into the performance presentation for the All Souls Procession; and in San Antonio, Texas with a workshop leading into a presentation at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center … more information


Slideshow Lecture Information

The Tradition of Stiltwalking in Colombia – A slideshow lecture with stories from different groups of stilters and street theater companies in Colombia, the history of stilwalking and their use.

Street Theater in a Society of Conflict – A slideshow lecture with stories and anecdotes from artists who have responded to conflict and violence by using the tapestry of the street as a means for inspiring aesthetics and ethics through street theater.


Collaboration History

The Bi Cultural Road Show has its roots interwoven in the mutual histories of admiration between Nemcatacoa Teatro and The Carpetbag Brigade. In 2005 The Carpetbag Brigade was touring Colombia and presenting their work at the Al Aire Puro Festival hosted by Teatro Taller de Colombia. Each company specialized in acrobatic stiltwalking and street theater spectacle. Upon seeing each other’s works there was an immediate bond. Five years later Nemcatacoa Teatro Director, Nicolas Cifuentes and actress Alicia Gerstein attended a Stiltasana trainining intensive in California with Carpetbag Brigade Director, Jay Ruby. The idea was birthed at the conclusion of the seminar to create a collaboration together in which the two companies would visit each other and exchange techniques and build a performance. In 2011, The Carpetbag Brigade traveled to Colombia to present their performance “Callings” in a tour hosted by Teatro Taller de Colombia and supported by the US Embassy. Before the tour began the two companies met for three weeks in Carmen de Viboral, Colombia where they exchanged their vocabularies of acrobatic stilts and physical theater. In 2012 they were invited to present a work in progress on their collaboration “Dios de la Adrenalina” at the XIII Iberoamericano Festival in Bogota, Colombia. Following the success of that presentation The Carpetbag Brigade organized five arts organizations in three states to submit a consortium grant for the Southern Exposure program of the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation which has enabled Nemcatacoa Teatro and their musical colleagues Hojarasca to travel to the USA.

In May of 2013 the four companies will meet for a five week rehearsal period at Arcosanti to finish the rehearsal process on “Dios de la Adrenalina” followed by a national premiere at Tsunami on the Square in Prescott, Arizona with further presentations from June through November at the  Hopi Cultural Center, Flagstaff Cultural Partnership, NYC Summerstages, San Francisco International Arts Festival, Nationals Hispanic Cultural Center, Many Mouths One Stomach’s All Souls Procession, El Puente Theater, Wise Fool NM, and the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center.